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Applicant Info

◎ Name: Frika
◎ Journal: [personal profile] freakanature06
◎ Contact: [ profile] freakanature06

Character Info

◎ Character's Name: Moral
◎ Character's Canon: Hamatora
◎ Character's Age: Age Unknown. (It is easy to assume he is in his mid-thirties, though, since he was a professor preceding the start of the series.)
◎ Canon Point: Following his death at the end of season 1.
◎ Background/History: Hamatora on Wikipedia is the best source for the plot of Hamatora. Specifically here is the small section on Moral. Here is Moral's entry on the Hamatora wiki, though it doesn't offer much more information. Let me know if there is more about his history and I can try and flesh it out then.
◎ Is the character a hacker and/or do they have a sixth-sense? No and no

◎ Personality: Everything about Moral's personality comes out as slightly 'off' from what a normal human being ought to act like. His general demeanor is very laid back and he gives off an air of intelligence with everything he says. Upon first meeting, Moral will seem like a very sane and very courteous man, though he might talk about ideals or morals that are a little bit strange for anyone to hold. He tends to be very blunt with what he says, though, even if he only really speaks in a pleasant tone of voice. Sometimes his bluntness will have him praising someone up and down despite their protests, but other times he will just casually observe just how weak someone is without batting an eye.

The driving force behind everything that Moral does is the equality of all mankind. He believes that humans are inherently weak and the fact that some were gifted with the power to make themselves stronger is unfair and unequal. Therefore, in his mind, everyone should have access to the exact same types of power. That is the only way that equality can happen. He also believes that any human that is 'strong' will have no issue with doing whatever they want, whenever they want, even if that means taking another person's life. Strength, to him, means the ability to do absolutely anything, even things that should be seen as morally wrong.

Having been a professor at one point, Moral is very concerned specifically about the youth of the world. He sees a lot of potential in them and wants to help all of the young people become strong. That is why he goes about offering power in the form of guns to teenagers and also develops a way to give 'normal' people the power of Minimum. Of course, in order to gain this ability, he has to kill a number of other people, but he sees that as just a price that has to be paid in order to make the world more equal.

One student in particular has always stood out to Moral, and that is Nice, the top student at Facultas Academy. Because Nice has always been so much better at everything than the other students, Moral felt deep sympathy for how alone he was. His most important goal in life is to become someone who is strong enough to actually equal Nice so that Nice will no longer have to be lonely. He believes that anyone with power being 'friends' with someone who is not strong is just not possible. It is not an equal friendship to him and that is why he views all of Nice's bonds as completely pointless, even going so far as to kill one of Nice's closest friends.

Moral admires strength in people and most of all he admires people who go out of their way to become stronger. He feels a deep sense of companionship with people like that and is very empathetic to the plight of all human beings that he ever encounters. That is why he will do absolutely anything to help grant these people the power that they desire and deserve.

On top of everything else, Moral is a very manipulative man. Not only because he has the ability to sweet talk people easily and bend them to his whim, but also because he has the Transformation Minimum that allows him to take on the faces of others. Because of this, he can pretty much get any information he needs and talk anyone he wants into doing anything he would like for them to do. He is also marvelous at acting, to go along with his Minimum. All of this leads to Moral being the sort of person who could somehow convince a vegan that eating a cow was the most important thing they could be doing.

Through all of Moral's strengths and intelligence, he really is a psychotic human being who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He cares about other people so desperately that he will even harm humanity in general just so her can make the world a better place for them in the end.

◎ Powers/Abilities: Moral's power is the Transformation Minimum. He can change his appearance and voice to that of any other person, making him a master of disguise. He does, however, have to act out the part as well, meaning that someone who knows a person well could easily spot him as a fake if they talk with him for too long.
◎ Weapons & Other Special Inventory:
1. Golden gun (which was used to kill Art and a few other people)
2. His coat
3. Plenty of hair baubles (you can see them in his picture, he ties them to the ends of his hair)
4. Some black cosmos
5. A lab coat


◎ Element: Fire
◎ Sense: Sight (As Moral's minimum deals with changing his appearance, it only seems natural that he is linked most to sight as a sense. A secondary sense would be sound because of the fact that his voice changes and also because he is so obsessed with Nice, whose Minimum involves sound waves.)
◎ Seven Character Traits:
*Great actor


◎ First-Person Sample:
[As the screen turns on, Moral's face is awfully close to the camera. He shifts the camera around a little and then backs up, smiling his pointy-toothed smile at all of you watching.]

Ahhhh, this place is so unique, so different from what I've grown accustomed to. Tell me.

[Here, he leans forward, his smile turning to a thoughtful frown.]

How many of you have some... ability, let's say, that is special to you? I'm just curious about how equal this world might actually be. I hope it's better than my own, otherwise I might have my work cut out for me.

◎ Third-Person Sample:
Somehow or another, Moral had found himself wandering through the streets of the Entertainment District. While it might not have normally been the sort of place that Moral would have actively sought out, now that he found himself face to face with all of the store fronts, he was quite pleased to have discovered somewhere that might be of some use to him. After all, bars and clubs are always the best places to get your hands on information that might not be available anywhere else. Unsavory as it might be, Moral had no qualms about seeking out his leads from smelly, drunk criminals. After all, they were just people trying to get stronger too.

So it was really only natural that when Moral found the bar, he immediately stepped inside and made his way to a stool. As he sat, he ordered a drink before glancing around at the other occupants of the bar. There were certainly some people here that might be able to become useful sources of information, but of course the best place to start was right around him.

Leaning over a little, Moral spoke softly to the person he had chosen to sit next to. "Do you know, maybe, if there is anyone by the name of Nice here? I hate to be so forward, but I do really need to find him as soon as I can." He let out a sigh, picking up his drink as the bartender set it in front of him. "He is just so lonely. I can't bear the thought of making him wait any longer to be with me."

Oddly enough, he did not seem to realize just how creepy his words might come off. Unconcerned, he took a long sip from his drink and then turned all of his attention back to the person he had been speaking with. "Well?" He wasn't really expecting much. There was no way he would be able to find Nice right away. But if this person did not have the information he needed, he would be more than happy to spend his every waking moment looking for the lonely boy who so desperately needed his company.

Even if it took him weeks, months, or years, he would find Nice. And he would help bring this new world to equality, using every resource he could muster. That was, after all, his purpose in life.

◎ Is your character retaining any previous game memories? No.


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